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The elements on the course such as uncut rough, natural zones (ecological zones) and waste areas are thinned out and clipped once a year.

The ecological zones and waste areas are mown once a year and ten days later they are thinned so that the flower seeds sink into the soil.

The herb layer has species which thrive in shady and fertile conditions, such as wood avens, herb robert, stinging nettle and ivy. This was preceded by an archaeological survey in connection with the presence of the remains of the Roman villa Backerbosch in the ground.

The golf course became a member of the Het Rijk Golfbanen group in September 2005 and was opened for use at the start of 2006.

The golf course has a typical Limburg character because it is in the hilly landscape between the valley of the Meuse and the hilly Mergelland.

From the golf course, the golf player can look out over Maastricht and the Meuse valley.

On the other sections of the course (rough), we allow natural discolouration as much as possible.

GEO Certified® is wereldwijd erkend en goedgekeurd door steeds meer organisaties en mensen, zowel in als buiten de golfwereld.

Klik hieronder om te lezen over de activiteiten die deze golfomgeving onderneemt om de duurzaamheid te garanderen.

Linear landscape elements and terrace edges are also traces of the former farming use.

These old landscape elements are well developed and are rich in tree and shrub species.Het Rijk van Margraten lies nestled in the hilly landscape of southern Limburg, between farmland, vineyards and old forests.

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