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About 200 BC, the Celtic Boii tribe founded the first significant settlement, a fortified town known as an oppidum, and also established a mint which produced silver coins known as biatecs.

On the other hand, the identification of the two castles as fortresses built in Great Moravia has been under debate based on linguistic arguments and because of the absence of convincing archaeologic evidence.

It is often windy with a marked variation between hot summers and cold, humid winters.

The city is in one of the warmest and driest parts of Slovakia.

) is a major street in Bratislava's Old Town, extending from the intersection of Štefánikova ulica and Pražská ulica to Trnavské mýto.

It is a significant transport artery, and site of frequent traffic congestion. Nearby stands a building that has been under construction for some years, which was to be 34 floors high upon completion.

Between 15, eleven kings and queens were crowned at St. especially when the crown jewels were taken to Vienna in 1783 in an attempt to strengthen the union between Austria and Hungary.

Many central offices subsequently moved to Buda, followed by a large segment of the nobility.

Its location on the borders with Austria and Hungary makes it the only national capital that borders two countries.Bratislava's dissidents anticipated the fall of Communism with the Bratislava candle demonstration in 1988, and the city became one of the foremost centres of the anti-Communist Velvet Revolution in 1989.In the 1990s and the early 21st century, its economy boomed due to foreign investment.Bratislava was declared the capital of the first independent Slovak Republic on March 14, 1939, but the new state quickly fell under Nazi influence.

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In 1941–19–1945, the new Slovak government expelled most of Bratislava's approximately 15,000 Jews, After the Communist Party seized power in Czechoslovakia in February 1948, the city became part of the Eastern Bloc.

The dominant Hungarian and German population tried to prevent annexation of the city to Czechoslovakia and declared it a free city.

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