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07-Jun-2017 13:45

I found out when I got the script the night before the table read.

That’s the way it works on “Black-ish.” We do 24 episodes, so it’s a lot on our writers. So by the time you get a script and have time to read it, it is often the night before the table read. I knew they were going to do a story about Bow’s biracialness.

The show is traditional in that the story is told through Dre but it’s untraditional in that whenever we see this woman she is full. A wonderful thing in the context of us exploring a very specific point of view through Dre. There’s a magic that happens between he and I that’s based in such a respect and love for each other that it translates into the characters. I did not know they were breaking my story – I just stopped by to say hi.

You can tell that offscreen, she has a very full and very experienced life that she is living. We’re exploring the idea of being a black man in this country as more than he was raised with and giving his children a different life than he was raised with. We had a mini conversation about my experiences being mixed.

The experience of being a mixed person is all over the place — one of my best friends is Chinese and Italian; my other best friend is Lebanese and Trinidadian.

The mix of heritage, culture or identity is something that our country is built on.

The episode, titled “Being Bow-racial” (scheduled to air Nov.

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Not making fun of what we’re talking about but how you make sense of it.

But I didn’t know how they were going to tell that story until I read the script. I’m always pleasantly surprised with that tightrope our show walks with these heavier issues and still making it funny without making fun of the issues.