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Haralds son King Svend I started raiding England soon after his accession in [987], culminating in a full-scale invasion in 1013 when Svend succeeded in imposing himself as de facto ruler of the country.Svends son King Knud I defeated and killed the English king Edmund Ironsides and established himself as king of England in the son of King Halfdan, but the primary source on which this is based has not yet been identified. King of Vestfold, Hedeland, Vaermland, Westmare and Hedemarken.Einhard's Annales record that "Harioldus et Reginfredus reges Danorum" who, in the previous year had been expelled from Denmark by "filiis Godofredi", attacked again in 814 but "Reginfridus et unus de filiis Godofredi qui maior natu erat" were killed.It has therefore largely been ignored in the reconstruction of the later generations of the family.Considerable doubt persists about the precise relationships between the 9th century Danish rulers.Although the primary source which confirms that Anulo was the son of Halfdan has not yet been identified, the sources cited below indicate that he was "nepos" (grandson? Einhard's Annales record that news of the death of "Hemmingus Danorum rex" arrived in 812, that "Sigifridus nepos Godofredi regis et Anulo nepos Herioldi quondam regis" both claimed the succession, and that the faction supporting "Anulonis" was victorious, with "fratres eius Herioldum et Reginfredum" being installed as kings The Annales Fuldenses record the death in 812 of "Hemmingo Danorum rege", the succession dispute between "Sigifredo nepos Godofredi regis et Anulo nepos Herioldi", the battle in which both were killed but which Anulo's supporters won, and the accession by "Herioldum et Reginfredum fratres eius regis"Described as the nephew of "Heriold and of the former king", the latter presumably being King Hemming, he disputed the succession on King Hemming's death but was killed fighting the rival claimant Sigfrid "Klak" [Heriold] (-killed in battle Walcheren 844).

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In common with Sweden and Norway, the Danish throne then passed through the female line to the families of the dukes of Pomerania and the Wittelsbach dukes of Bavaria. The early 9th century Danish kings led the Viking expeditions which raided north-west Germany.