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22-Dec-2017 18:07

Aired 3-p ET • GOP's Graham Refutes GOP's Flake on DREAMER Deal; Adam Schiff Says More People New About Trump Tower Meeting but Investigation Is Thwarted; Bannon Retains Lawyer for Questioning in Russia Probe; Trump Is Going to Have a Physical on Friday.

Aired -4p ET • Trump Targets FISA Provision Up for Renewal; House Conservatives Push Hardline Immigration Bill; At Least 48 Missing in Deadly California Mudslides; Aired 10-a ET • At Least 48 Missing in Deadly California Mudslides; Record Number of Retirements Threaten GOP House Majority; Missouri Governor Admits Affair But Denies Blackmail Allegation; 7-Eleven Stores Raided in Sweeping Operation; Aired -11a ET • North and South Korea's Path into Peace; Cameras Rolled in President Trump's Bipartisan Meeting; California Facing Another Wrath from Mother Nature; Ocean Infinity to Search for MH-370.

Aired 1-2a ET • North Korea May Use The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics For Surveillance; First A Storm, Then A Flood At New York's JFK Airport; Gary Oldman Transforms Into Winston Churchill.Aired 5-6p ET • New Book on Early Trump Administration Published; White House Counsel Reportedly Attempted to Convince Attorney General Jeff Sessions not to Recuse Himself from Russia Investigation; Attorney General Jeff Sessions Ends Obama Era Rules on Pursuing Federal Drug Enforcement Prosecutions; Interview with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper; Analysts Debate Value of Bitcoin.Aired 10-11a ET • GOP Leaders Meet at Camp David; Trump Had WH Lawyers Urge Sessions not to Recuse Himself; "Fire and Fury".Aired -4p ET • Trump Vents on Court System After DACA Setback; Immigration Talks Continue After Bipartisan Meeting; Trump Brings Transparency to Key Immigration Meeting; Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley Disappointed Over Release of Transcript; Interview with Representative Chris Stewart; Aired 10-a ET • Fifteen Killed, Hundreds Awaiting Rescue in Montecito, California; Steve Bannon Lost Three Jobs As Result of "Fire and Fury" Fallout; Spotlight on the Rise of Filmmaker Ava Du Vernay; Aired - 11a ET • Trump Testimony for Special Counsel; Immigration Standoff Threatens Budget Deal.

Oprah Intrigued About Running; HHS Nominee Faces Hearing; Bipartisan Meeting on Immigration.Aired -a • Mudlides in California kills 17; No collusion with Russia say President Trump; Myanmar arrests two Reuters journalist.