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From my understanding and totally scientific research, the reasons seem to be:1.

Only a small minority of local men want to date foreign girls2. Foreign men tend to be more confident and direct about approaching women they don't know.

When Jacques goes out, the Kings of the club are tall, offensively handsome, and suspiciously metro men, and the most attention Jacques gets is from the women wearing leggings as pants who have been day-drinking since 3pm.

His charm (or closest thing to it, considering that his personality is about as appealing as a plastic spoon) lies in meeting women through the office, where the dull pace of their uninspiring jobs makes Jacques seem terribly charming in comparison.

Everyone has a differing opinion as to why - is it a product of the "colonised mind"? Is it because they are perceived to be more,, well-endowed in certain departments?

Is it because local men are perceived to take longer to initiate a relationship?

The syndrome itself is very deadly, with a slow onset but strong symptoms.

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Despite what a Sunday afternoon at Tanjong Beach Club would have you believe, Singapore has a dearth of foreign men.

For this reason, the women who fall outside of the norm - either who have had a wealth of international experiences, or who have never really fit in to the 'ideal' mould - tend to look for guys who are similar, the majority of whom are usually foreign.6.

Foreign men, especially white ones, are highly sought after in Singapore.

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Of all the things I love about London, from the spacious and homely pubs to the abundant museums and galleries, by far the most wonderful thing is briefly falling head over heels for strangers you'll probably never see again.

There's something bittersweet about holding the gaze of the handsome stranger across the train car (and that's how you know it's real, because making eye contact on the tube is unacceptable otherwise).