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Mismanagement and, especially, the inability to market their initial superb-quality guitars soon had Lotus' owners scrambling for cheaper labor, ending in India with poor quality and eventually no takers for their product, as Chinese and Indonesian guitar producers stepped up with instruments of comparable quality at similar prices.

Only a number near the plate : 9100797I dont see any other serial or made in or something else.

At first, a new pointy, "reverse" headstock was used, but in 1991, all models returned to classic Vantage headstock designs.

Notably, there was only one neck-through model offered (the 928), which was a superstrat, unlike the neck-through models that Vantage is now known for (Coincidentally, Samick had built neck-through guitars in the style of those classic Vantages under various brand names during the early 1980s).

The top-of-the-line early 1980s models were made by both in Korea by Cort Guitars (early neck-though models) and in Japan by Morris / Moridaira (neck-through models, set-neck Washburn Eagle copies, and decent Gibson Les Paul copies).

Like the Matsumoku guitars of that era, both the early Korean Cort and Japanese Morris-made Lotus guitars are of high quality. While the low-end guitars have rightfully only experienced a minimal gain in value, the high-end models usually range from 0–0 and are becoming quite collectible.

By 1979, their guitars were mostly unique designs made exclusively by Matsumoku in Japan.

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There's the pictures Can someone tell me which model is it ?

The quality of the instruments was very good for the price (usually around US0–0).